London Creative Awards Interview

Little things really do matter. Todd Bradley’s subjects might be miniature, but the topics are heavy and the images captured make a big statement. 

Though he’s shrinking the world down, it is clear to the budding artist that his role is to give voice and enlighten regarding important issues. His works are meticulously crafted and spotlights unfiltered views of society that resonate on a deep level. 

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Why aiming for 100 rejections is Bullsh*t

“A few years ago, I read an article online about an artist who was aiming to receive 100 rejections in a year. I understand his philosophy behind the article. Based on the number of rejections, there will be a number of accepted as well. So the higher the rejection number, the higher the accepted will be too”…”I understand the concept. I understand the philosophy, but I think it is BS.” 

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